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About – NextBridge Brands 

NextBridge Brands
is one of the leading suppliers of promotional textiles in the Europe and UK. Our products are distributed sourced for 25 European countries with fast delivery to neighbouring countries. NextBridge Brands has been developing and expanding its promotional clothing and customisable Textiles & Accessories Collection for specialized companies all over UK and Europe. As emerging company in France and UK, we currently sourced over 10 million products annually, including the most significant ones in the promotional market. we cover virtually every aspect ranging from manufacturing to distributing basics to fashion collections.

Active in the UK, Europe, North America and Oceania, NextBridge Brands is the official European platform of NextBridge Brands SAS, leader in the textile and accessories wholesale industry.

In the context of a fast-paced, highly competitive online and wholesale market, NextBridge Brands is emerging player and heading the forefront of the rally soon, engaging with different types of customers and partners, and giving them access to our best-price guarantee at all times. NextBridge offers a vast variety of products, collected in a various styles.

The Best Prices on the Market!

Our company biggest strength lies in its unbeatable prices. Diyar speciality is that of successfully and fairly negotiating the lowest prices for our partner hence, we are able to guarantee the lowest prices in the Europe for low MOQ to Bulk Quantities. we are here to assist you.

Whether business or private customer, you will benefit from our company outstanding price range.

Our Priority: Customers’ Satisfaction!

NextBridge Brands is a company that guarantees safe payments online or through bank invoices the orders and collections placed to our company either from our products and on special bespoke design and colour you order will be with you as soon.

We guarantee the quality of our products at all times, together with an advantageous price structure.



High utility value
and reliability

We provide expert advice and answer all of your questions

70k pieces of textile in stock ready for shipping

                                            All our products are subject to rigorous testing and carry the world-renowned
                                              Oek Tex Standard 100 quality certificate.